The Medicine Breath Toolkit

Revolutionary Breathing exercises for full body & mind long covid recovery -These are ancient & scientifically proven practices that most Dr’s ignore.

How would you like to feel like you again, the YOU that existed before you got sick without blowing all your money on more expensive medical bills or treatments?

I’m going to get right to it because you don’t have time to read a long letter. And let’s be honest, your Covid brain probably wouldn't retain it anyway. No offense.  

I know because I’ve been where you are.  

My life changed when I tested positive for Covid-19.  

Overnight, I went from being extremely active, healthy and loving life to being unable to get out of bed from extreme fatigue, consistent pain and feeling like I was completely brain dead. I couldn’t even work for months.

No matter what test I did they all came back negative. I was healthy on the surface yet inside I felt like I was slowing dying.

I was so fatigued some days it took all of my energy just to eat or go to the bathroom. There were days I couldn’t move my arms. I was in constant pain in my legs. My body felt like I was on fire from the inside out. My heart seemed to have a different arrhythmia party everyday. My rates would spike from the low 60’s to over 100 just standing up. The nausea was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. And to top it off, there were days I felt this uncontrollable sadness and depression consume my entire being. All I wanted was to close my eyes and not wake up. I had lost myself.  

I could go on and on about my symptoms, my feelings and the thousands of dollars wasted in medical bills but you probably already know the story because yours may be similar.  

Before Covid, by trade, I was an active breathwork facilitator. I taught people around the world to optimize their health and upgrade their life using the power of their breath with amazing results. When I came down with Covid, little did I know, I would face the biggest health struggle of my life.

I knew in my heart I had the ability to come out on the other side of this. I had witnessed so many others heal from autoimmune, severe anxiety and a variety of other health concerns using their breath. Why would healing from Covid be any different?  I knew that utilizing my breath to get better was something I had to do for myself. I had nothing to lose but so much to gain.

The one problem: I felt like I couldn’t breath. Covid had hijacked my entire respiratory system and paralyzed my diaphragm. I had to retrain my body to breathe properly again. Kind of crazy for someone who is a breath therapist, right?  But I did it and now here I am a little more than 6 months later feeling pretty jazzed up about life again.


This is me in September 2020 on a 14 mile / 3100 ft elevation gain overnight backpacking trip.

This is after my second ER trip in 20 days on January 2021 due to covid complications. I was barely able to move for months. 

This is in April 2021 after a trip to Mexico. I was feeling 95% me again diving and was even able to go diving.  

Not getting better was not an option for me as I’m sure it is for you too.

That's why I developed a toolkit specifically designed to treat long Covid symptoms.  No matter where you are at in your Covid healing journey, this toolkit meets you there and teaches how to leverage the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet: Your Breath!  



Revolutionary Breathing exercises for full body & mind long Covid recovery (These are ancient and scientifically proven practices that most Dr’s won't tell you about and choose to ignore.)

You know what it can do?  

It can (and WILL) allow you to have finally have relief from long Covid symptoms without having to spend thousands more medical bills so that you can finally start feeling like the YOU that existed before Covid in as little as a few minutes a day even if you're starting to doubt if you’ll ever feel “normal” again.  

Here are just some of the things The Medicine Breath Bundle will do for you...  

Reboot Nervous System

It shows you how to reboot your autonomic nervous system & repair your immune system to kick Covid’s long haul symptoms to the curb.

Increase Oxygen Efficiency

You’ll get the tools to retrain your breathing for the best oxygen efficiency to fuel your cells and all your organs to heal naturally so you actually start living again.

Reduce Symptoms Naturally

Step-by step bit sized video library with breathwork tools and guided meditations to improve immune, sleep better, fight fatigue, ignite focus, reduce coughing and sinus pressure and so much more

Activate Your Feel Good Vibes

Regain the confidence and assurance that your healing is possible and awakened the YOU that excisited before you got sick!

So here’s a life-altering question for you my dear person… why oh why are you still reading this?

I mean not to sound condescending but you should be running to purchase your bundle.

Isn’t your health a non-negotiable too?  

Right now the Medicine Breath Toolkit is on pre-sale for $67 but as soon as It’s created and it’s magic is live (on or around June 15th) that price will double.  

So do it right now before you the covid brain kicks in again and you forget or get distracted by something else...because that would be a veritable catastrophe! 

The Medicine Breath Toolkit

I want Revolutionary Breathing exercises for full body & mind long Covid recovery (These are ancient and scientifically proven practices that most Dr’s ignore).
I also understand that the course won't be ready until on or around June 15th and that i'm getting an insane discount because of that.

The Medicine Breath Toolkit focuses on 4 main topics

Breath Control

Correcting your breathing for oxygen efficiency and mitochondria health

Improved Endurance

Multiple breathing exercises & simple movement to increase stamina and endurance.

Optimizing body functions

Fighting fatigue, brain fog and optimizing your health for peak performance for long term results.

Daily Tools & Practices

Creating a daily practice that works for you no matter where you are at in your healing journey

Here's What's Included In The Medicine Breath Toolkit 

Each section is designed to meets you exactly where you are at no matter where you are on your Covid journey.

A plethora different breathwork techniques with enhanced versions so no matter what level you are at there is something for you.

Guided meditations with specifically designed music for body/mind coherence.

A library of bit sized videos of other breathwork practices to alleviate coughing, sinus issues, stress, fatigue, sleep and so much more

An in depth guide as to why this works and what is happening in your body when we breath.   

Step-by-step guide to develop your own morning practice for peak performance and concentration.

Plus this awesome bonus…. If you sign up today, you’ll also receive 3 bonus SOMA breathwork meditations so after you’ve mastered these practices and are feeling like you again, you’ll be able to continue elevating your health and mind with more advanced breathwork meditations for peak performance. 

"I was working through a lot of anxiety and situational depression. I’ve also heard a lot about the benefits of breathwork so I decided to give it a go. I felt a change right away.My world changed after each each session I did. The whole experience felt incredibly cleansing. It helped me do some deeper work and I feel like I’m operating on a higher vibration.

Carolyn is a beautiful soul with a caring, passionate and energetic personality. I loved her Warrior Within Breathwork experience, which helped me feel more energized each day through my healing process. She’s my healing warrior. "


Jackson hole, Wy

" The most important thing people should know about working with Carolyn is that you will be honored at all times, you will feel completely safe to be vulnerable, and your heart will open. And, you will cry! My life has completely changed since working with her and I'm no longer on any medications for my autoimmune!  SHe has helped me heal my mind and body through this work. YES!"

Laura W.

New York

The Medicine Breath Toolkit

I want Revolutionary Breathing exercises for full body & mind long Covid recovery (These are ancient and scientifically proven practices that most Dr’s ignore).
I also understand that the course won't be ready until on or around June 15th and that i'm getting an insane discount because of that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these practices meet you where you are at no matter if you’ve just been diagnosed or have been struggling for months.

Yes, by rebooting your autonomic nervous system you’ll be training your body for oxygen efficiency and to have the right balance of oxygen and CO. Too much oxygen or inefficient oxygen = oxidative stress which leads to free radicals attacking your system. This leads to protein and DNA injury, tissue damage, inflammation, and cell death. Autoimmune conditions, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer can occur as a result of oxidative stress. The Medicine Breath Bundle helps to rid the body of oxidative stress.

NO. If you’re already on medications and in treatment please do not think this is an excuse to stop. These practices are meant to use as an aid to your healing. I would NEVER suggest going off medications or stop listening to the advice from your doctor. 

No, for a few reasons. First, because I don’t live with you so I don’t know if you’re actually doing the work necessary to get the results you desire.  Second, even though I am better, as you know, having energy after covid is a very coveted thing. While I feel great and am active again, I am still recovering myself. I’m taking a lot of personal time and energy to create the Medicine Breath toolkit. I’m putting my heart and soul into this and can easily sell this for hundreds of dollars but because I’ve been where you are, frustrated and out thousands of dollars from useless tests and Dr’s visits, I refuse to do that. And lastly, did you get a guarantee from your last dr’s visit?  

However, if you follow the guidance and do these practices daily I offer you my personal guarantee that you will see results. 😊

I plan to have the toolkit ready for you to access on or around June 15th 2021. I decided to presell this first to make sure there was a demand. As a Covid long hauler you understand how precious time and energy are. This actually works out great for you. As a reward for trusting me to pre-purchase your toolkit you are getting it for an insane discount. After it is live, the price will double. Plus, If you attended the live training you'll can start your practices now. yipiee! 

Everyone is different. You may experience relief after one session but in order to have lasting results, you have to commit to your own healing and be an active participant. This bundle is designed to be used daily or at least a few days a week. Just like taking medication, using your breath as medicine it’s not an overnight fix. It does take practice and remember for most we will have to retrain the body to breath properly again. If you aren’t going to commit to your own healing and show up daily or the majority of the week, please don’t waste your money. I only want you to purchase if you are committed to getting better.

Meet Your Guide

Hey I'm Carolyn...

I'm an evolutionary activist, Breath and Energy Therapist and creator of the Medicine Breath Toolkit that helps you optimize your physical, emotional and mental well being by showing you how to tap into the power of your breath and energy system for ultimate healing and peak performance.

I also recovered from long Covid and want to help you do the same because...
Covid sucks!
Not feeling like you sucks.
Not being heard sucks.
Not knowing what the heck is wrong sucks.
Feeling like your heart is going to pop out of your chest sucks. Feeling fully body anxiety every single day sucks.
Racking up bills & not being able to work sucks.
And the list of symptoms goes on....

I'm on a mission to help you heal and feel like you again. You deserve to live your life...not just survive!