The Medicine Breath Toolkit

Revolutionary Breathing exercises for full body & mind long covid recovery -These are ancient & scientifically proven practices that most Dr’s ignore.

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        What's included in the Medicine Breath Toolkit

        • A plethora different
          breathwork techniques with
          enhanced versions so no mat
        • Guided meditations with
          specifically designed music
          for body/mind coherence
        • A library of bit sized videos
          of other breathwork practices
          to alleviate co
        • An in depth guide as to why
          this works and what is
          happening in your body w
        • Step-by-step guide to develop
          a morning practice for peak
        • BONUS: Additional breathwork
          resources for lasting results

        I was working through a lot of anxiety and situational depression. I’ve also heard a lot about the benefits of breathwork so I decided to give it a go. I felt a change right away. My world changed after each each session I did. The whole experience felt incredibly cleansing. It helped me do some deeper work and I feel like I’m operating on a higher vibration. Carolyn is a beautiful soul with a caring, passionate and energetic personality. I loved her Warrior Within Breathwork experience, which helped me feel more energized each day through my healing process. She’s my healing warrior. "

        Olivia Roux


        The most important thing people should know about working with Carolyn is that you will be honored at all times, you will feel completely safe to be vulnerable, and your heart will open. And, you will cry! My life has completely changed since working with her and I'm no longer on any medications for my autoimmune! SHe has helped me heal my mind and body through this work. YES!"

        Laura W