The Abundance Basket

Time To Upgrade Your Financial Abundance

Financial abundance is within your reach and this SOMA breath journey is your answer! Imagine being able to access that abundant energy and activate it with something as simple as your own breath and the power of one energy center in your body.

Plus, you'll be tapping into divine guidance like never before, clarifying the passion for life that may have been lacking recently. With this breathwork journey, you don't have to feel stuck any longer. Every day can be a chance to unleash your potential, attract infinite possibilities and start the energetic shift towards unstoppable financial abundance. Get ready for the best adventure of your life!

What's Included In Your Abundance Basket....

Upgrading Your Financial Abundance Breathwork Meditation

Using a combination of scientifically proven techniques, rhythmical and euphoric music, guided meditation and imagery, SOMA Breathwork is an amazing process for reaching heightened states of consciousness and ecstatic bliss.

Us this 25 min meditation to align with the frequency of abundance!

Chakra Opening Exercise

Engage in an exercise to open up your "city of gems". You'll tap into the power of your third chakra to open up endless opportunities for income. As you make a connection with this energy center, take time to imagine all the possibilities that could come from enhancing your wealth. Already feel yourself getting excited?

Opportunities for growth in both wealth and knowledge await you - now is the time to activate your city of gems so that a stream of income awaits!

11 Minute Abundance Tacks

You'll get access to two 11 minute abundance tracks. These affirmations hold the power to help you create more abundance in your life. By listening to these short, yet powerful vibes of positivity and affirmation, it will help put you in an abundant mindset that opens the doors for incredible opportunities and experiences.

These tracks are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They can be listened anytime or anywhere.

Plus, as a special bonus.
I added a something to help you identify potential energetic ‘leaks’.

This worksheet provides some direction in realizing where there might be potential energetic ‘leaks’ that can put a break on the manifestation of abundance. It takes an honest look at areas where it possible there may unintentional blocks or barriers without judgement. Once these areas become clear, steps can be taken to repair them and let the flow of life and abundance open up again with more ease. This allows our pathways to great fortune to unclutter and make way for the good energy that supports our goals and dreams.

These were some of the comments during the live event....

And here's some of what Happened within 24 hours of doing the breathwork & activating the third chakra...

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